Die Cutting suppliers in UK


I’ve bought a Die Cutting Jacket for My Heidelberg Platen and haven’t thought of where to get the dies(?) made. Im based in the UK. Any pointers would be apreciated.


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hello, the firm that I work for use Farr Formes based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, if you Google, Farr Formes UK, that will give you their contact details, hope this helps

You dont give a region in you post but theres a few one in tunbridge wells called proforms i can dig up some for you but a location would help.

Do you have a source in the UK for die cutting jackets?


Best source for these will be Senior graphic machinery phone
01924 386386 or as an alternative Superspeed cylinder jackets on 01268 590400 Both produce to true heidelberg spec ssj is a name and they supply platesand jackets for all sorts of letterpress machine even the vertical miehle .