Heidelberg Motor

Hi, Im 99% sure my 10x15 platen motor is on its way out, be it tomorrow or in a years time. I’d be happy to buy a spare incase it pops mid job, but my current motor doesn’t have a data plate. Im in the UK (240V) and running on single phase. Can anyone tell me the specs for a new motor, speed, size, so on.


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I am using a variable speed quite old , it has the name METROPOLITAN Vickers on its plate , I am not really into motor tech i will talk to my mate who supplied it and come back to you, however the speed etc and the H/P rating are marked on your current motor , if they have been ok to date then no reason not to carry on as you are , the worst you will need is new brushes and they usually available even if you have to take some to a grindstone to make them fit !

Ok read it all first !!! you dont have a plate !!