Lot of Vintage Christmas Holiday Print blocks

Private owner - collected these a long while ago for display - were stored away & forgotten - wish to now sell

Christmas/holiday Print blocks

Large 10” santa on sleigh
Large Merry Christmas
Large Christmas Carolers
Large Christmas Wreath
Large Greetings to all
Large Candle
Large Stack of Presents 2 elves


Please respond asap with your approx price range min max for any one or for all -to at least see if we’re on the same value page ….

All related to circa early nineteen hundred newspaper/print shop

will consider all reasonable offers

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image: Santa on sleigh

Santa on sleigh

image: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

image: Carolers


image: stack of presents two elves

stack of presents two elves

image: wreath-2.png


image: SantaKlaus's on sleighs frame

SantaKlaus's on sleighs frame

image: Candle