windmill print strenght


my windmill print strenght lock nut is stuck…

any suggestions on how i can solve this?


image: briarpresspostillustration.png


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Try silicone spray. Really douse the sucker, let it sit and soak, then try to work it loose.

what do you mean by sucker and soak?

sorry i’m portuguese…

I have had mine stick before. The 2 pieces should turn in opposite directions. This will loosen it up. It’s like two nuts on a screw. Once they are loose from each other then you should be able to adjust your press. just do not tighten them together as tight next time.

Good Luck

pair of grips, one on each nut and push in opposit directions. The front one ummmmm either clockwise or anticlockwise. Help!

well that is really stuck… tried wd-40 to lubricate and a towel but it still hurts bad, i’ll give it a try again 2morrow… thanks!

like jfitz says don’t adjust them locked together, if you added impression with the the nuts together then try backing them off together, it sometimes works. Dick G.

If not , then turn inner collar clockwise , outer collar anti clockwise in unison it will part with some effort !!

Sorry for the language discrepancy, focalt.

Spray silicone lubricant on the two collars and let that soak in for awhile. Then, as others have suggested, turn the two in opposite directions until they begin to budge.

I had this happen once, I just got a wooden mallet grasped the first collar with left hand and with a downward action on the 2nd collard hit it on its outside edge with corner of mallet, it worked for me, John.

I think we have all done it once or twice i always believe it to be temperature that causes it as i have usually found its a first thing in the morning thing and has no reason to happen as its not often you even bother to lock them together , .

just to say that it’s solved! :)

I just applied some wd and managed to release both nuts and then was able to separate the two.

thanks for your tips! :)

Jon, you need to work on your Portuguese.