MONOTYPE - Brass Matts and styles

MONOTYPE - Fonts and complete matrics.

Does anyone out there know if Brass matts for Monotype Machines are used anymore?

I have a number of styles in there original boxes from the Factory, etc.

Jim - all in Green Bay, WI

image: DSCN0650 (600x800).jpg

DSCN0650 (600x800).jpg

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Hi Jim,

Yes, these are display matrices. They are used on Monotype Display casters (Orphan Annie) and Thompson Type casters. There are quite a few people still casting type, including me. It would depend on the face and the size of the mats in the sets. If you are looking to sell them, let me know the numbers on them and your asking price.


I haven’t been on line in a while as I have been away visting family in the last few months.
Someone in Wisconsin is looking for Monotype display fonts for a couple of machines 1 of which they have working at this time.
I had mentioned that I have 50 -100 of these Fonts and someone mentioned that they are hughly interested.
Again I have been unable to find where and who had sent this message and would like to start some interest and dialog.
I would like to see these fonts used for the purpose that they were created.

Thank you all in advance.

These are still sought after and have a good value in the regrowthof letterpress ,it may take time but it is a good thing to re home them ,once destroyed they are too expensive to replace !

Please send me a list I am very interested
Thanks Don