Leads and scrap metal

Does anyone still cast leads? Does anyone take scrap hot lead in exchange?

I’m going to end up with many pounds of cast lead I won’t need. Most is lines set on a Ludlow and there’s a little that came from a Linotype. The stamp shop I got all this from used that as a base for metal cuts.

I’m rather short on leading material though, so I was hoping there is someone who would take this “scrap to me” lead in exchange.

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I am wondering where you are located?, I have some leading material and am wondering how much material you were looking for.

I’m in connecticut. Feel free to email me.

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Paul, I recently purchased a slew of type, leading and rule material. I have enough leading to last as long as I can imagine for any hand setting I will do. All my “stuff” is currently packed into a room in my basement while I restore the concrete floor in the shop. Once it’s all back in place and settled I’ll go through the slugs and other metal material I don’t want and drop you an email. We’ll see what we can work out then.

I can’t help you with the scrap lead, but there should be metal recyclers in the area that take lead. It does have value. I used to manufacture printed circuit bds. in the Austin area and we did have the scrap lead recycled.All American Recycling in Austin takes lead I believe.
Do you make printing plates? I am looking for someone to show me how. I have old Ad Mattes from the 1930’s through the 1960’s for movie advertising. I am looking to print them and need assistance. Any help you could give me in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Back decades ago I started out remelting used linotype & ludlow type in a large pot smelter and then recasting the lead into pigs. Any idea where I could get my hands on one of these smelters and some ludlow pig molds?

I also have a lot of outdated copper mounted on magnesium plates. does anyone know a good way to separate them so they can be recycled?

We cast leads & type; we’re in the UK, though, so shipping might be pricey. You can email [email protected] if you’re interested.

I no longer need the leading, but would be interested in trading for a fair amount of interesting boarders or unique fonts. At the least I’d rather see it go to someone with a lino or ludlow that could use it instead of going to scrap.

Rather off the point regarding the trading or acquisition of “leading,” but I had a professor at Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communications in the ’60s who at the time designed/redesigned the typography of large circulation newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. Edmund C. Arnold was chairman of the Graphic Arts Department and the editor of the Linotype News when linecasters were a very big deal indeed in composing rooms. He always referred to what we/you are referring to as “leads” as being more properly described as “ledds.” Whether this phonetic form of spelling was historic, traditional or just his personal choice I’m not sure, but I do think it is: a.) a good way to distinguish the metal, lead, from the spacing object we use in letterpress, and b.) a more elegant way to spell a spacing object we use in letterpress.
Ed, not incidentally, wrote an exceptionally fine handbook on the graphic arts entitled “Ink on Paper,” published in 1963. He inscribed a copy of it for me in May, 1965 and since I have returned to letterpress I find re-reading it is like communing with an old friend who, unfortunately, passed away at age 93 in 2007. If you can find a copy I think you will find it well worth the time to read it.

Lammy, i’m in southeastern Massachusetts, i have a bit of linotype borders and some strips of monotype cast borders, if you want to trade pound for pound for the leading i’d be interested, i also have 25 or 30 ludlow borders that i could cast if you’re interested,

I have a smelter used to melt lino slugs and pour them into pigs for use in the machine. I scrapped the machine but still have the smelter and a few pig molds. It is 220 volt (single phase) and will melt about 100 pounds in about 2 hours. Pours out the side fight into the molds. I used it dozens of times through the years. 100.00 you pick up in So. Cal.

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As told to me by a Ludlow engineer last year, don’t mix the metals.
Keep Ludlow castings separate it is a different combination of materials.

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I’d love to come pick up your smelter for $100… but So. Cal. is too far away for it to work out for me. I’m located in central Kentucky.