what is this?

don’t know that this… i don’t need it.. i hate tossing old press parts. so if you want it i will send it to you free for just the cost of shipping. item is in milwaukee, wi. i realize the front item is a tape measure,,lol so don’t try it….

image: P1013261.JPG


image: P1013263.JPG


image: P1013264.JPG


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Heidelberg Windmill Feeder divider—for feeding stock 2 up. Handy if you are running lots of cut size forms.

Definitely don’t toss it. Those are useful.

They cost about £70. UK and very useful for multifeeding of offcuts used in conjunction with non register setting on the heidelberg platen (windmill) and another version in the delivery to give twin feed and delivery of sheets ! There are other bits too to give you the opportunity to run four sheets off the feeder used in conjunction with this and three slightly different but same sort of shape parts for the delivery , they work but the feeder must be set correctly or the pick up can be a bit erratic .!