C & P Pilot Press Table/Stand

Question for the group.

What do you use for a table/stand? Did you build one or buy something and modified it?


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Maybe not conventional, but I have a lateral file cabinet like this:


I had a piece of wood cut to the size of the top, bolted the wood to the top of the steel cabinet, then bolted the Pilot through both and it’s been perfect. It’s a few inches higher than the general recommended height, but I’m on the taller side (by not much) so it’s been fine. Added bonus of extra storage below and space to the right of the press for whatever’s needed.

I made my own using 4x4’s, 2x4’s and MDO for the tops and shelf. This way I could adjust for my height. Overall the bench is 2 x 6 feet.

image: IMAG0386-3.jpg


I have a Kelsey Victor 6x10 and I got a basic kitchen cart of Ikea which I’ve seen recommended by a handful of folks using a table top press.


bolted Craftsman 5X8 to Ikea table
found at curb on garbage day

yours truly

ps this Ikea table is build like a brick out house
and weighs about as much

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Thank you for all the info. Many ideas to try.