hello gang

see sticky Classifieds,
Vandercooks windmill book press
auction lot #72

looks like a interesting
small platen hand feed

never heard of ” The Press Co. “
printing presses

anybody know more about this
brand / model press

also in same auction
there is a H.B. Rouse
listed as a Washington press
but heck
this can not really be a Washington press

i can not find any info about

yours truly

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A Washington press is simply a type of American iron handpress, made by Rouse and Hoe and Ostrander and others. They don’t mean it is a handpress from George Washington’s time.

As far as I am aware, it can not be termed a Washington without a ‘figure-four’ toggle which it does not have.

It is interesting though. I wonder what it was intended for.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

The Rouse press was designed for Photoengravers to use in proofing plates. A very simple press, it has been put to use as a handpress by hobby printers in the past with the addition of a tympan & frisket to the sliding bedplate.

yea was thinking proofing press

the action did not look like any
Washington style press
i have seen

yours truly

The little Rouse press toggle is very much like the Smith press toggle, though actuated differently. Seems like it would be a decent enough small hand press for small-size work. Definitely not a Washington, though.


I believe ‘The Press Co.’ press is a Kelsey Star Jobber.


It is the Model Press Co.


Brad thank you
Kelsey yes

Meriden Conn on casting
kinda places it
as a Kelsey

lets see how high the bidding goes

yours truly