help for a newbie (rollers for Challenge Gordon 8x12)

I recently bought a Challenge Gordon 8x12 press with bad rollers.

1.) The seller told me that the rollers for a C&P 8x12 are interchangable with this press. Is this true? If not, where can I get rollers?

2.) When shopping for rollers I found several different retailers (NAGraphics, Tarhill, etc..) that are offering rollers at 100+ per roller. Then i found a company from Califonrnia (Advanced Rollers) offering rollers for C&P 8x12 for $70. Does anyone have any experience with the later company mentioned, if so reviews? Why the price difference?

Thanks for any help,
The new guy…

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I’ve used Advanced Roller for C&P rollers, Kelsey rollers, as well as for covering brayers. They cover the roller with a blue rubber. Performance is good on these rollers, and I have had great results with them. I’m only 1.5 years into using them however, so I can’t speak to long term performance. Truthfully I personally will recover my rubber rollers every 3-4 years, or perhaps every 5 years, because a larger job might have over $200 worth of paper in it, and screwing up a job while trying to pinch pennies on rollers is simply not worth it in my view. Of course I err on the conservative side on these matters.

The last rollers i bought were from Roller Craft in Rhode Island

Advanced Rollers in California gave me a good set of 8x12 rollers at the right price.
Packed in a plain package, no fancy boxes, no frills. Using them for about three years now and completely satisfied! Bought these at that time on THEIR cores, cheaper than I would have paid for others on my cores. I’ll recommend them anytime. Be sure to confirm the length of the cores, as they might vary on some presses.

Thanks for the quick replies… Now to just figure out if the C&P rollers will fit on my Challenge Gordon.

Thanks again,
The new guy…

There is also a company in Columbia Station, Ohio named Roller Source. I have bought rollers for three different presses. They’ve been working well for several years.

8x12 C&P rollers have always fit on my 8x12 Challenge Gordon.

Thanks again for the help..