Adhering two sheets of paper together

Hello All~

I have designed a business card that requires I adhere two paper stocks together. The card is intended to be thick and the contrast of the two papers is part of the tactile appeal.

How exactly does one go about adhering two sheets together permanently? They will be foil stamped. Before or after the stamping?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I Have done this with 3M spray glue, printed the cards 4 up with trims & register marks and then glued the sheets after printing. Put a couple of large books on the pile let dry overnight and chopped them up in the morn time.

Good luck!!

It’s as simple as that, huh? I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks~

When duplexing two printed sheets, how does one go about registering them front to back? Pin registration by poking holes at the crop marks? Having multiple sets of crop marks? (I can imagine cutting both sides to one set of crop marks, duplexing, then trimming again?)

Pins would work well I think, haven’t done this myself, but it seems like a simple-enough solution. Probably quicker than making two sets of crop marks, even saves you a few square inches on the plate, haha

What Ian said.. 3M glue.. weight on top- overnight.
Except I glued before printing and cut them to final trim size, and then printed.
Gluing cards after printing would be a nightmare.

Here’s my recommendation to do registration.

If you are printing one side digital/offset and one side letterpress:
- Have the guides on the digital/offset side.
- Allow one corner (2 sides) for squaring up everything on the guillotine. So leave a small clearance, never surpass this corner, because it will be your squaring angle.
- Cut
- Print normally

If you are printing two letterpress sides:
- Glue parent sheets together.
- Cut them to final trim size.
- Print normally.

And what I’ve read would be ideal is to use a Potdevin gluer and a gluing press to do the job.
Basically one press adds an even layer of glue, the other press presses the two pieces of stock together.

Also it could be done with a silkscreen, and add weight overnight.
Those are my 2 cents.

image: 431017_242916065796196_145741325513671_589784_8253580_n (2).jpg

431017_242916065796196_145741325513671_589784_8253580_n (2).jpg

image: 419647_242916102462859_145741325513671_589786_720395934_n.jpg


Running back to back cards you can run 4 up. On the left side of the paper would be the front image the cards on the right would be back of the card image.

Make sure they are centered bang on in the middle of the sheet so that when you glue together the trims will line up.

Works great on a windmill as long as register is good. Should work on any press with good registration I would think. ALSO MAKE SURE YOUR CARDSTOCK IS CUT THE SAME SIZE!! this will kill your registration if it is not.

Can you please give me the exact type of 3M Spray Glue you are using. There are several types, apparently.

Thank you!


Than you glue 2 sheets of paper together it is called duplexing, I use a gluing machine to apply a thin film of glue to the paper and than run them thru Potevin roller machine as it applies even pressure and gives a good contact.

The issue with 3 M spray is the smell and the overspray which needs to be cleaned up.

We use a potdevin gluer and press. They are listed on ebay once in a while. Usually, 5k to 6k for the set.

Using spay glue is a mess and I would not attempt it with a large run.

Find a finishing/bindery company near you that has the right tools if you cannot afford them. It is generally not too expensive unless you have a very difficult registry requirement. Trust me… this is not something you want to do with spray glue if you have a decent quantity.