can i restore this old adana?

Hi everyone, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, i’ve got this old green Adana. I think is a high-speed Adana No 1, but i m not sure. i will be so grateful if somebody tell me the correct model. Can i restore this Adana in very bad condition? Can i get the missing roller ? Thanks you very much, regards.

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Sure you can.
Get EvapoRust to get rid of rust. Clean it well with Simple Green, and add oil in the oil holes. Recover roller, and get an extra roller. Seems like everything you need is there.

Disculpa, respondí demasiado rápido.
EvapoRust es milagroso para remover óxido, es un agente quelante que sólo remueve el óxido dejando el metal no oxidado intacto.

No se si lo venden allá en Argentina. Espero que si lo puedas conseguir, si no, envíame un correo a través de briarpress y quizás te pueda ayudar.

Si no consigues Simple Green, entonces puedes usar cualquier detergente con agua para deshacerte del polvo y la tierra, sécala bien con aire o secadora de cabello, y rápidamente después dale una pasada con diesel o aguarrás para desplazar la humedad y no se oxide más.
Lubrícala con aceite para motor en los puntos donde lleva aceite, el rodillo te lo puede maquinar cualquier maquinista, y los carretes los puedes fabricar en delrin también. El recubrimiento (el hule) sería nitrilo.
Veo que todo está ahí no parece faltarle nada.

Saludos :)

Thanks a lot Enrique, I’ll follow your advice. Somebody can tell me the exactly Adana model and year of manufacturing? Regards.

Looks to me an Adana HS1. I’ll send you the Adana manuel separately.

image: Picture 3.png

Picture 3.png

Hola ostranena, espere y en unos meses Evaporust llega en Argentina ! Pero no se , si con el mismo nombre…

I’ve restored one of these see

Take all the loose bits off and leave the main body. The steel is very soft so rub the rust off with a very fine abrasive paper. The alloy parts will clean up by dropping in lemon juice for a short while (note short while, you may end up with a lot of grey gunge). Drop the steel bits in lemon juice to deal with any remaining rust.

The rollers can be recovered or replaced, see Elli-Evans site in the UK.

Oil with a very light oil such as sewing machine oil. Keep oiled especially the ink disk spindle.

You will find the manual on this site in the manuals section. It covers High Speed 1 and High Speed 2 in chapter 3.

The gripper on the left is an additional extra, it unscrews.

The rollers don’t go back down to the bottom if you operate the press slowly so let go of the handle after taking an impression so that they spring back.

You have a complete High Speed 1, a green one, which is uncommon, including the 3 packing clips on the platen- these usually get lost.