Robel Proof Press

My colleague over in Belgium has a Robel Proof Press. It is circa 1900 and is made in Munich, Germany.
My question is this: does anyone have one and do they have information about setting the height of the press. We have managed to sort out timing issues with the grippers and have surmised that the adjustable height roller is held in position by a small spring which is missing. That in itself is not a problem but it seems such a trifling part that is so important.
So, are we missing something obvious or not or does someone out there have one that can help us.
It is a make I have not seen before and being used to all kinds of presses that we move and service it has perplexed us a little.
Anything would help. I cannot post pics at the moment, but will try and get some soon.
Jeremy (from England but working in Belgium!)

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