Printer Geek Excitement…. Cylinder on the way!

Friday we are moving a “new” to us Heidelberg Cylinder KSB into our shop!!

As my non-printer friends don’t get it… I had to post something here.

Haven’t been this excited since we got our first Universal III.

Can’t wait to do some of the projects we have been contemplating that this baby’s ink train can produce!!

image: Heidelberg Cylinder KSB

Heidelberg Cylinder KSB

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Well congratulations!!!!! It is a beautiful press!

Thanks Alan.

It is a press that has one owner and has been always ran by him. Also, it was acquired to print labels for a customer in the 60’s thru the 70’s and this was the primary use of the press. It has not had much use other than an occasional perf job here and there. Again, always ran by he shop owner.

We are super excited by the condition of the press.

Very cool, you will soon fall in love with the press and how it prints.


If it were two-color it would be a KSBZ, and the picture doesn’t show a second-color unit.
I’d like to know what the odd shapes are in the roller rack. Are those segmented rollers?

It looks like that rack may have foil for hot stamping.

looks like a tidy machine, if you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to call whittenburg inc, we are heidelberg letterpress specialists, we have spare parts for all heidelberg letterpress machinery, we also have the original parts books and operators manuals on disc, call 615 212 0015 if we can be of any help with anything heidelberg letterpress. look at the whittenburginc facebook page to check out the 10x15 that we totally rebuilt for graph expo 2011.


It is in great condition. One owner/operator. If it were a car is would be described as “driven by a little old lady to church on Sunday.”

Eric, jhenry is correct. Those are foil rolls.

Well, we finally got it moved. Much rain in Houston as of late. Got a break in the weather so we were able to get the cylinder moved.

“Big Bertha” which was the name the previous owner gave it is in her new home safe and sound.

We did a remodel which required some moving of other equipment as well (Challenge cutter and drill, C&P, Vandercook and air compressor)…. 11,600 pounds moved around today. Musical presses….!

Rigid conduit for the electrical on the way… just couldn’t wait to feed some paper thru the press!!

image: Hedi