Kiess u Gerlach Label press

I am trying to identify any information on these presses made by Kiess u Gerlach in Stuttgart Germany. The model in the foreground is type: MF , Model 1203.
Is anyone still using these. They make great foil labels. I have been unable to find any info online.

image: keiss.jpg


image: kiess2.jpg


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Why not ask the manufacturer directly?

Kiess & Gerlach GmbH & Co.

Hauptstr. 24, 71034 Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg

T: 07031/675113 f: 07031/675114

I have 3 of these machines which are much older than the ones in the photo, it is a bit sad for me to see them not working there.

Dear Sir,

If you would like to sell these machines please let me know!

ismail inci

Inci label & offet printing co.
[email protected]

Do you still have these machines?
Raf De Laet