2 New Unknown Items

In the past, the folks on this forum have been very helpful teaching me about the various items I’ve come across in visiting old letterpress shops. So I found 2 more.

The first is a triangular casting. It’s stamped 20 PICA, and the bottom side in the first picture (measured to the end with the “flat” corner does indeed measure 20 pica. It has two protruding pins on the top surface.

The second is some kind of gauge. It is also marked with pica measurements, that start at 60 pica (even with the feet on the left side) and count up to 100 pica on the right.

Any ideas what these were used for?

image: 20_pica_1.jpg


image: 20_pica_2.jpg


image: Gauge_1.jpg


image: Gauge_2.jpg


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I don’t know what the first (triangular) piece is, but the second is the measuring arm/stop from a slug cutter. Most likely a Rouse slug cutter.


The triangular piece looks like a miter gauge for a printer’s saw—with the pegs fitting holes in the saw table—-maybe.

I see slug cutters on ebay missing that piece. I always wondered where they went! Now I know! In fact, let me check my last purchase … :)

Actually, I have a slug cutter missing that piece and if it is for sale, I would be interested in buying it.
Mike-Long Day Press

Foothill - it’s yours! I’d rather it be used than sit around here. Send me an email and we can work out the details.