Unknown chase ?

I have 6 chase’s and do not know what press they might fit. At first I thought that they fit my Sigwalt 6.5 x 9 but they are just a bit to big……………
Any help would be appreciated.
inside dimension is;
6.5625” x 9.9375”
(6-5/16” x 9-15/16”)

The outside dimension is;
8” x 11.375” (11-3/8”)
the outside dimension INCLUDES the ‘V’-tangs that hold the chase in the press.
other-wise the O.D. is 8” x 10.875” (10-7/8)

image: chase 2.jpg

chase 2.jpg

image: chase 3.jpg

chase 3.jpg

image: chase 1.jpg

chase 1.jpg

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They might be for a Craftsman press, which is a Boston product (Craftsman Machinery), but I think most of their tabletop presses used a clamp at the top. Or they could be for one of the European copies of the Golding Official or similar presses.


Definitely not a Craftsmen …

They are for a Hohner. I believe the Model B.

I second the Hohner. They have those triangle tangs on the sides.