876 Metallic Ink anywhere in L.A.?

Help!! Does anyone in the L.A. area have a small cup of 876 Ink I can purchase? I’m trying to match a color and I don’t want to buy a whole can, quite yet…


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Well, it’s meant for printing on the reverse side of transparent films viz gravure or flexo. Suspect it would not do well for printing on papers—though it might perform well on cast coated stocks.

Would recommend printing on a cylinder in any instance. I rather suspect there are better products for general letterpress application, but without knowing the nature of what you want to do, I can’t state if this ink is the cat’s meow or not.

In the thirty plus years ive been in this game i would say that unless the surface of your stock is “coated” you will still get a flat look to your print , sad as it seems they have never produced a truly shiny metallic finish ink that you can print in one pass on uncoated stocks .
Metallic inks are the bane of my life , you pile it on in the hope and then it sets off and still looks awful !

We do need a truly shiny metallic finish, or some kind of spray coat to treat uncoated paper…

Thank you for your thoughts Peter and Mike!