New Heidelberg Windmill….I love this thing.

Just got my new press off the skids.
Like new. Heidelberg original foiling unit. Lutz machinery heated chase. Brand new rollers. Everything on this press is so clean you’d think it just rolled off the line in Weisloch Germany from the Heidelberg factory. Oh and it has fancy lockout arms and a complete plus extras toolkit. I was so lucky to find this baby.

image: IMAG0080-751064606.jpg


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Wow! Looks beautiful! If you need anybody to run it, give me a call.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already got a dedicated operator!! I need to get a die and try out the foil stamping unit!!

Its even got nickel plated trim!

Does this mean you’ll have to change the name of your press? I don’t see any rust—very nice press.

Yeah the Rusty Press is Still around. That C&P isn’t going anywhere! I did change the name in fact. We are now The Ink on Paper Company, LLC