educating clients about letterpress

Does anyone educate potential clients in some way? The popularity of letterpress is causing people who aren’t really familiar with the process to seek it out, and then get sticker shock! It seems there should be an easy way to explain the process and why it costs more than going to the off-set printer.

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Dealing with Print Buyers is always an educational process. That goes for letterpress, offset, digital, engraving, screen, whatever. Most customers don’t understand the different limitations or possibilities. I have been printing for 22 years and i don’t think there has been a single customer in that time that didn’t need or get a little education in the process.

The best way to educate them is to show them the process and show them the high level of complexity and skill required to turn out the good quality they expect.

I have a very short video of me printing on my phone. Showing the “hand-made” process.

I used it last weekend to explain to a client.