Help Identifying faces

Hello everyone, I recently came into ownership of a type cabinet. Only 3 cases have labels, and I’m not sure those are correct. Any help you could give me would be most appreciated, as after identifying, I would need to add sorts to some faces to have enough to print with. I have taken photos of a few letters per case and posted a set on flickr.

Any help you could give would be much appreciated!

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I’ll take a quick and dirty haphazard stab at it a couple of them.

Drawer 2 = Antique Shaded also known as Rockwell Antique Shaded.

Drawer 12 looks like DeVinne

Drawer 13 = Engravers Roman…this was made in different sizes on the same size point body ie.. 12pt #1, #2, #3, #4.
It looks like you may be holding 18pt and 24 pt.

Drawer 20 looks like Bank Gothic. You have other examples of this in the other pics, I believe. characteristic are the squared off “R”s.

Drawer 16 = Copperplate Gothic

Drawer 6 is called Typo Upright

Drawer 4 may be some variety of Cheltenham Condensed, but not sure.

These all appear to be fairly common faces. I’ll take a stab at them without looking at reference materials.

In the order of the photos:
Case 18 - Copperplate Gothic
Case 19 - same
Case 20 - Bank Gothic
Case 21 - Sans Serif Light
Case 24 - Franklin Gothic
Case 16 - Copperplate Gothic
Case 17 - Bank Gothic
Case 14 - Sans Serif Light
Case 11 - Copperplate Gothic Heavy Extended
Case 15 - Sans Serif Light
Case 12 - DeVinne
Case 10 - Typewriter (there are several variations, but basically you can just call this Typewriter)
Case 9 - Bank Gothic Condensed
Case 8 - ???? Gothic Extra Condensed
Case 7 - mix of Engravers Bold and Copperplate Gothic
Case 6 - Typo Upright
Case 5 - Sans Serif Bold
Case 4 - DeVinne Extra Condensed
Case 2 - Antique Shaded
Case 3 - An old italic - perhaps Scotch Roman Italic

The Copperplate Gothics and Bank Gothics have several different sizes on the same body, so you’ll have to find a specimen sheet to determine exactly which ones you have.


I only peeked once for “Rockwell Antique Shaded”. I was going to say “Rockwell Shaded”. The better name is Antique Shaded.

You may be correct on Case 4 - DeVinne Extra Condensed. I called it a Cheltenham.

The most desirable ones to my sensibilities would be the DeVinne and the Antique Shaded. The rest are rather garden variety job faces. But that’s OK. They’re useful and seemingly ubiquitous. Everybody should have them.