Heidelberg Platen/Windmill Motor HELP!

I urgently need a replacement motor for my Heidelberg 10x15. It is absolutely caput and I don’t have the time to have it rewound.

If anyone has the time can they post the info on their motors data plate, and any other useful information which will help me get a new one when the shops open.

Im in the UK I’ll take anyones info as it might help.

I’ll hopefully be buying it from Machine Mart ( www.machinemart.co.uk ) if anyone has bought one from there before which did you get?

Sorry if I’m comming accross rude, I’m kinda up the creek without a paddle.

PS. My motor doesn’t have a data plate :-(

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I have just fond the following info someone posted on this forum

”1.5 horsepower, 1735 RPM (approx), 220 volt, single phase motor”

Is the 1735rpm important? I have just found some with 3000rpm, 1400rpm and 2800rpm. Would these be ok?


The 1735 rpm is important, as overspeeding the mechanism (almost double speed with the 3000 rpm) motor will cause excessive stress on the parts and likely impair the presses ability to feed and deliver properly. You might be able to find an alternative pulley to balance things out, but by then you’re investing more effort into making a motor fit, than if you’d bought the correct motor to start.

A slower motor might work, but your press would also run that much slower (11000 rpm is 1/3 slower than stock, so your top speed would end up around 3200 iph). You’d probably have to run the press fast to get decent blower and feeder vacuum.

Nope, it’s a cuss, but get the right motor for the application. It may cost you job now, but better than costing you a press down the road.

Hi Mikefrommontana,

Thanks for replying.

After looking into it a bit longer it looks like I have a 4 pole motor and as the only motors I can find online with the 24mm shaft diamater needed are all 4 pole it looks like the rpm is 1500. which isn’t too far off.

Have you tried Senior Graphics?


Graeme at Whittenburg inc. can get a motor in short order for the Windmills.

I’ll pop Mr Senior and email, would imagine they’d be a small fortune though. Not knocking their service, which is second to none, but think I’ve found the right motor for less than a ton, just asked what UF rating the capacitors are as my starter capacitor is 200uf and a few motors for sale ive seen are either 100uf or 150uf.

Anyone know what theirs is?

Hi, just seen a 3 phase motor on ebay uk he is starting at £100, might be of interest to you, regards John.

Hi John, Thanks for the heads up, I’ve seen it go on ebay a few times and would of nabbed it, but I’m only on single phase.

New motor works a dream, fingers crossed it lasts.

Hello, I’m in a similar position too. I have a 3 phase motor (50Hz) on a Heidelberg 10 x 15 and want to put a single phase motor on a 240v supply (50 Hz).

Printing Penguin - Is your replacement motor still running well/ Can you let me know which motor you bought and where from? I’m in the UK. Thanks.

I have asked a local winders if they can reconfigure the existing 3phase motor but they said I’d loose to much HP. Does anyone have any experience of this?


To all members of Briar Press

re motor failure for printing press, urgent problem:

I am not an expert, but would humbly suggest that the basic sets of numbers to identify a motor for a press is very important.

Can anyone with more experience and also knowledge of printing presses set out a procedure as to how to find a suitable motor? There is obviously some facts which need to be identified so as to decide if a replacement motor is suitable.

The very extensive help which comes from members for some problems is very impressive, so is there someone with enough knowledge/experience who can draw up a reference list for a suitable procedure to help find a motor when there is an urgent problem? Some of the most obvious items needed is the country in which the press is located, and a technical description of the available electricity supply.

After I left one place where I worked for a while, they had a problem, borrowed a farm tractor and drove the press with that.

Several places I worked, when there were problems with drive system (including failure of electricity supply) it was found that no maintenance had been done on the emergency supply; even the last place (from which I had retired), everything worked when there was a failure, excepting when the mains supply came back on, the machinery did not reset itself automatically to “normal” and there was quite a bit of flurry till the problem was solved.

One afternoon (at a weekly newspaper) we needed one line, and the electricity supply went off just as we were about to keyboard that (on an Intertype), so because the pot and face were hot enough, we pulled the drive belt around by hand and got the (one) line out successfully.