C&P 8x12 or similar size floor model press.

I’ve been digging through auction adds for a very long time hunting for a reasonably priced, reasonable condition, C&P 8x12 or Gordon or Pearl, 7x11ish etc… floor model press for my wife’s hobby letterpress shop.

I’m located in north east Ohio and more than happy to travel a bit for the right press at the right price. Our 10x15 in the garage is nice but its too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, and the studio I built her is in the basement. She is a good sport but this has been a goal of mine for a while now. I’m looking to be a good home to an under loved or homeless press small enough to come into the basement studio or one that will break down into small enough pieces that a couple guys can carry them down.

What I want is a mechanically sound and as complete as possible press. I don’t mind if its rusty and hasn’t been oiled in 40 years. Cleaning it up and bringing it back to life is part of making it your own! Electric or treadle powered is fine.

I’m not afraid of presses in basements (they got down there right?), and have moved a couple 10x15’s before so moving them isn’t an issue.

If you have a show room shiny restored press for sale that is print ready I’d be happy to know about it and hear what you would take for it but I’ll say up front I don’t have a big budget :)

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