Potdevin Glue Question

Just scored a 12” Potdevin 2R gluer with a heating element.

I’m curious about the best glue for use in this machine for duplexing purposes. Also, a good source for buying it would be very helpful, too.

I don’t have the roller squeezing machine.

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Glue it stack it and weight it , if you roll it through a squeezer you will cause a bend to be created that wont go away !! Look through your phone directory and ask the local print finisher / bindery what they are using .

That makes sense. I have a bunch of aluminum plate bases that will work for that. I think I might actually BE the local print finisher / bindery, so I really need to figure this out.

I use P200. Ready to use label Glue. -Paper to Paper
From PotDevin

Potdevin is still in business and selling adhesives for this machine, hot and cold. If you are only using it occasionally, glue spoilage will be a big problem. Hot melt glues can’t be melted and cooled and remelted infinitely for small volume work. Cold glues are probably better if not used daily, but draining and cleaning the machine regularly will still be very important.

Be careful over weighing it down. If you are using water-based adhesive it will soften the paper and you can flatten your impression pretty quickly if you over do it.