Has anyone purchased anything from WiredBids?

Has anyone purchased anything from WiredBids in OH? I’ve bid on two presses and lost just to see them listed for sale again. Its not the first time I’ve seen items “sell” then get listed again a few weeks later. That has really turned me off to the point I don’t think I’ll bid on their stuff again. I actually called them about that 7x11 the last time it was listed and the gentleman I spoke to said the last one like that sold for more than $2k, at the last auction I think the “winner” bid around $660.

Shame too they are about 40 miles from my house. I’m not salty, I just think its a little weird. I’m headed out of state to buy one this weekend, they missed out on some cold hard cash :)

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just took a peek
you are right

the 7 by 11 Press Co. Star
see it is re listed

i was out bid that press
a month or so ago

maybe winner was no show

glad i did not win
that same week picked up
a free haul it away
nice C&P New Style 8X12

yours truly

I’ve had deja-vu looking at their monthly auctions, too.This is like the third appearance of that Star press…

I’ve purchased a press, type, and composing trays from Wiredbid. I am pleased with my purchases and the seller, Boggs Graphics. They arranged shipping for the press at a cost below what I was quoted by a common carrier.

Obviously, there is risk in buying at an online auction where I do not inspect personally the items i am bidding on, but that is not Wiredbid’s fault. It is my understanding that if I want to go to Cleveland, the auction items can be inspected.

I’ve purchased through these Boggs Graphics/Wirebids auctions, too. I agree, Boggs are great to work with - helpful advice & hand holding before bidding and equally helpful arranging delivery as you say. recommend them wholeheartedly. I just don’t get how the same item(s) can come up month after month.

Glad to hear that they are selling some items! I was gunning for the wrong items I guess. I’ll keep checking the site, I’m an auction junkie. Its kind of good I didn’t win that 7x11 last month too or it would be sitting about 20 feet from me at this very second. Instead I’m bringing a 7x11 pearl home this weekend. Right now between those and old style C&P 8x12’s you can’t get much better to me.

Way to go Lobster on the rescue C&P 8x12, very cool! Finding one of those is my mission this summer.

I do like the bidding format on the site when it increases the time after last minute bids. I think 10 min is way too long but it prevents sniping like on eBay. They did tell me on the phone that people can stop out and look at the items themselves in person, that is nice.

I agree buyers are probably backing out. I don’t think people always realize what they are getting into with the bigger machines. We tried to sell a C&P 10x15 w/a Kluge feeder in great condition for a year and finally after 19, yes 19, no shows we donated it to an artists group in MI. They came the next weekend. I’ve never shipped one but that expense would probably be a deal breaker for me.

I think the major problem with people purchasing presses on ebay, is they are not printers.

They do not understand what the press is, some told them that they can make extra money with a printing press.

Than they purchase one, and find out it more than a laser printer you just push a button and get copies.

Hello my name is Christopher Boggs,

On behalf of Boggs Graphics Equipment. I would like to address some of the comments made about the auctions we have been having as a seller on WiredBids.com

First I would like that thank all our loyal customers for the kind reviews about the services we offer. We strive to make every bidder/customers experience in purchasing quick and easy. From bidding registration till they receive their purchase.

Second I would like to address the concern of listings showing up more than once. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is we are constantly buying equipment, so month after month we have duplicates of the same item coming in. We have over 20,000 sq ft of equipment. One room we have has over 20 Heidelberg Windmills in it at any given time. So some lots might look the same, but they are actually duplicates of the same machine.

The second reason is we occasionally have non paying bidders. When this happens we re-list the item in the next months auction. In the April Letterpress Auction the same bidder purchased the Chandler & Price Platen Press 8” x 12” and the Press Co Platen Press 7” x 11”. He was an overseas bidder and we were never able to contact him after the auction was over. Which is why you see both of these lots re-listed in this months auction.

I appologize if this has created any problems or confusion while bidding on our auctions. Please feel free to contact me at our office 1.888.837.8101 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Also please check out this months auction. It will be ending next Wednesday.


Company I work for bought two items from Boggs. They arranged delivery, and discounted it as they were coming our way to pick up items any way. When we got the items they dd require some service and Boggs was more than helpful and even paid for some of the cost.

These guys are generous and kind folks who try and keep every customer happy. I would buy from them anytime without any concerns. Few online companies are as trustworthy and honest as these guys.

No need to apologize! You guys list some killer stuff. Besides I was the one that stopped bidding at the end of the day. It just sucks that the buyer backed out and it has to happen all over again. I can relate to that! Good luck this month.

My experience with them, is while I was bidding with 3 minutes left after i refreshed my browser, it went from 3 mins left back up to 9 mins left. Kinda sucked but we will see how the transactions go.

Yes. I have bid on and won items from Boggs using WiredBids.com No problem at all. In fact, they called me to discuss shipping the items I won and the price and service was fine.

I have won several auctions on wire bids. If you see the same item listed in the next auction it means that the auction winner never paid and they relist it in the next auction. If you have any questions you can call the # listed on their auction website and talk to jack or chris, they will help in anyway possible. you can always call and go look at their inventory before auctions and just buy the piece outright as long as it has not been listed in the auction already.

Boggs Graphics are great. Wire Bids does have a frustrating process, tho’: if a higher bid comes through with < 10 mins left on the clock, it re-sets the clock back 10 mins. Makes for some tedious & time-consuming nail-biting to complete a bid. Can’t beat Boggs as far as helpfulness/fairness/customer service!

They won’t admit this I’m sure but I bet they are blind bidding on it themselves. If it doesn’t sell for a reserve price that they have in mind, then they relist it hoping it will sell higher next time. Just a thought, no proof.


If you have no proof, what do you make such a nasty, baseless accusation? Shame on you.

For the last 2 years, I have watched all of their auctions for letterpress stuff and do not see the same things come up twice. In fact, I have bought a couple of press, including an SP-15, at prices that I thought were low, but I was the highest bidder and won.

Boggs is helping to keep presses, other equipment, and type from the junkyard and should be praised for their efforts (even if they are making money).

You are right Tecdhnut: they are like some of these guys that open multiple ebay accounts and once you bid, they also bid on the other side. It really sucks because you can be an honest bidder and these guys are the “Talibans” of bidding.
They are so stupid to even upload the same photo again.
I think that they must be honest enough to publish the Serial number so the next time you know that one really was sold.

If you see that stuff, report ‘em!

Just sour grapes. No need to bad mouth anyone.

i have sold on there. the staff was very accommodating, helpful, and understanding to the needs of someone who does not sell on auction site like this often. That is the staff. The bidders/buyers, well they can be anyone. i have also purchased from them, with decent results. I really don’t see an issue here, other than if a buyer bids, and does not pay for purchase, the item gets relisted. it does not go back to the next highest bidder. I guess they figure a straw bidder would be suspect then. so, relisting is really the only option. they could i guess eliminate all of the winning bidder’s bids, (albeit non-buyer), and offer the item for that price. who knows for sure what is easiest or the fairest. i see relisting as the best option.