Visiting the UK ~ I would love to visit your press …


I’m currently visiting the UK and would like to visit as many private presses and artist studios as I can while I’m here.

You can personal message me lawrence if you might enjoy a visit from a fellow artist printmaker letterpress prop (based in Australia)…

I’m in the UK for two months mostly so that I can visit presses, print initiatives and artists…


Lawrence Finn
actus reus press

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If you have time pop in and see us at The Paper Trail ( Letterpress is covered on the 2nd and last Sunday each month.
If you are in London you can get a train from Euston to Apsley.

Lawrence - The Printer's Yellow Pages are searchable by location. You may find printers and points of interest there.

Amberley Museum has a fabulous Printshop open most days check website, Weds and Sats are good-train ride 1.2 hrs south from London-it is a historical collection of letterpress presses from reconstructed common, Vicobold, Wharfedale, Chandler Price, to Heidelberg, Monocaster, Linotype, Intertype on June 9-10 it is especially open to public for demos etc. Volunteers(mainly ex trade printers with amazing knowledge and skills) are not “creative ” artists through printing but if you have nothing else to do… old machinary going round and round, I find it fascinating….even for the first time had a go at the Chandler and Price last Sunday, nice press.

lawrence finn, there is a site called we love
and they have several listings in the UK, good luck and drink a pint for me.james