Who had tried or made something like this printing stamp before?


Pretty neat and elegant. The printing result might not be as repeatable and durable as that of a proper letter press, but it surely wins on mobility.

But I have doubt on how well the lead type can be locked without proper quoins but two thumb screws.

Attached images are taken from their blog. http://typeholder.blogspot.com

image: typeholder417_4.jpg


image: typeholder_s_moderne.jpg


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Looks like a modern version of a bookbinders type holder for stamping book covers and spines.


AdLib snap , Wouldnt want to use it that way though ,handle!!!! Too damned hot..

Peter, you’re right — but it sure looks like a bookbinder’s pallet. Maybe for cold stamping, or ink imprinting on bindings?


They have a wooden handle version. I envy their selling price above 18000yen. But it’s hand crafted it a metal workshop though.