Can you identify this?

I am looking for information as to what this might be.

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Sorry, hope it loaded this time.

make sure your image file name doesn’t have any non-alpha characters - that is usually the problem.

Trying again!

image: desk.jpeg


This looks like the Top could be higher and adjusted to do so and than locked in position. Albeit the Top looks to be younger than the bottom.

Right, looks like a hybrid, but the mechanism suggests a form truck adjustable to stone and bed heights.

need some more pictures from different angles, if it was a turtle i should think the wheels would be larger.

Without wheels not likely to be a workshop trolley for matching up to various stone heights though well repurposed to the task. Make sure you can lock the wheels before you slide loose type across.

My bet would be a projection, photography or diagnostic platform from the available stroke and style of manufacture.

I have seen similar elevating tables for gallery and studio cameras where the stability of a tripod was not sufficient to prevent vibration.