specific type for Showcard presses

I just acquired a Showcard press for my classroom. After puzzling over the slotted edging surrounding the parameter of the press bed, and the one removable end-stop it came with, I began thinking a specific or custom style type must have been available for these presses. Since then I’ve seen diagrams showing type straddling what would be considered a positioning bar for alignment. I’m curious, does anyone have any information about this?

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I have tons of Showcard type, and related accessories.


Showcard presses (or sign presses) used metal strips across the bed, and type with slots (to fit over the strips) for rapid composition on the bed. Your best bet (typographically) would be to ignore the strips and slots and use furniture and type - or a boxcar style base and photopolymer.

Yours are the best pics of a showcard press I have seen megahurt, any chance you could put a copy into the Flickr Letterpress group?
I ‘ve got some of the Sofadi type from an eBay sale earlier this year but couldn’t get the press