Glockner Cylinder press manual

Does anyone know where I can find out any information or even a operation manual for the Glockner Cylinder Press?
I’ve looked all over the Internet and I must be entering the wrong search parameters. Thanks in advance.

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Hi carinudi, I know it was a long time ago but do you still need a Glockner Press Instruction book as I have one for sale. Comes with half a dozen loose-leaf documents relating to Aeroset dry powder anti-set-off equipment, pressure vacuum equipment and a variable speed pulley.


Do you guys still have the anti set off papers ?
If you do, is there any chance of a copy?

Hi, Pete,
Please excuse the long delay in responding, but I haven’t been on Briarpress for more than a year, and just signed on to ask another question.
As for needing the manual, at the time I was looking for a community letterpress shop in Detroit, called Signal Return. I have since learned they scraped the machine to make room.
I wish I had known they were getting rid of the press, I would have loved to try to find a home for it, but that’s how it goes.
Thanks for the offer to sell the manual, but I no longer have a need.
Take care,