C&P 10x15 motor throw off

So I just finished restoring a C&P 10x15 and I have a couple motor flywheel throw off parts like the 12x18’s have. I got the press in the shop in a box. Has anyone seen a motor throw off set up on a 10x15 before? I have not been able to find anything on it and have just been looking at other parts from my 12x18s.

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Is the “throw off” a belt shifter to move from an idler pully to the drive pulley, or is it something like the Horton pulley which allows shifting off the drive with a clutch and variable speed control?

Either of those two could be found on the smaller presses as well as the larger.

John H.

Its like the Horton pulley. The only thing is that the press was in a box mostly, someone else disassembled it to move it and the only parts it looks like are form the Horton pulley system is the base where the throw off and handle mount, and the inner pulley that holds the springs, the clutch shoes, and all the inner workings. The press has the standard old style pulley, not a Horton pulley that would house all the pieces. Im thinking that these two extra parts where off another press and not my 10x15 C&P.

I have a 12x18 C&P old style as well that has the Horton set up, wanted to see if anyone has seen this on the smaller presses. I would like to get the rest of the parts and set it up on my 10x15!