Installing a Hern Treadle on C+P

I’m installing a new Hern Iron Works treadle on my 10x15” C+P.

The c-shaped clamps connecting to the shaft in the lower back of the press don’t seem to fit correctly. I can tighten them loosely and the press seems to cycle smoothly, but it seems strange that the pieces don’t fit.

See photos…

Am I missing something? Or does it matter?


image: hern1.jpg


image: hern2.jpg


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I’ve seen a couple like this, but was able to fix them.

You are going to have to clean them up a bit to get them to seat correctly. See if you can identify which areas are too tight and go at it with a grinder until they drop into place. Don’t try to force it by tightening or banging or you will snap the casting.

Once you get it right you’ll never have to think about it again.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I had a similar problem when I put the treadle on my C&P Old Style. The hook was hitting the front of the press bed when the crank rotated, preventing it from rotating cleanly. When I called Hern I was told (and it says something similar on their site) that due to the casting process, some pieces might not fit perfectly. In the end I had to file away some of the hook to get the clearance I needed. It works perfectly now.

Yeah just clean up the casting slag to make it fit in tolerance! Every piece will have that when dealing with castings, that’s the only problem. A little time and it will be a perfect fit.

Thanks everybody!
I’ll dust off the old Dremel tonight.