ID help me please

Could anybody help me recognize this font?
Thank you very much.

image: DSC00162.jpg


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While it may seem counter-intuitive, this font appears to be Ludlow Medium Condensed Gothic with Deluxe Variants. It seems odd since Ludlow was a linecasting machine, but the Ludlow mats could be utilized in a Thompson caster to create single handset type as well. I will try to attach a photo of the page from Ludlow’s specimen book which lists this face.

image: LudlowFont.jpg


The type is Neon, introduced by Nebiolo in 1935

I figured it must be European.
I couldn’t find it in any of my resources.

Googled for Neon and found…

Neon Bold perhaps ?

A printed sample would be helpful…

Guys thank you. The typography is indeed Neon was designed by G. di Milano, and presented in 1935 by Nebiolo.

Best regards

Sorry about the miss on the Ludlow font. Looking closer, there are some of the characters that do not match the Neon design. I jumped the gun, I guess.

John Henry