What is the width of a Chandler and Price 8x12 old style press?

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the dimensions of an Old Style Chandler and Price 8x12 press are (with treadle, not motor)? And also how much a press like this weighs? I need to know the width of the press and whether it’s less than 2500 lbs more specifically…

Thanks so much!

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A little under 36 inches wide and 1000 lbs.


Amazing! Thanks Brad. I am getting one but first needed to check if it would fit in the elevator in my building to go down one floor. The elevator is listed as having a capacity of 2500lbs…now I have to go measure the door opening. Wish me luck!

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Put it on the elevator. Send it down to the floor you want it to go to. Take the stairs and meet it.

Justin Miller (Bound Staff Press) has a 1920s CP catalog online which gives the full official specs.


(though the manual itself links through to a PDF stored via Google Docs, which is slightly annoying). They say it will pass through 36 inches assembled and that it weighs 1050 pounds - which matches Brad’s experience pretty well.

David M.

I believe the Regular (Old Style) C&Ps were 50-100 lbs lighter than the New Series. If you look at the presses next to one another you’ll know where the extra weight went.


Thank you all so much for the info! I love this community for all of the wonderful people in it! Much appreciated…and it seems as though it will fit in the elevator at least…the trouble will be getting it through my studio doors. I will post pictures when I get the press.


Even though you say it’s a treadle operated press, it may have the extended flywheel crank shaft used with motorized presses. If so, the shaft extends out of the side opposite the S-curve flywheel, allowing the flywheel for the motor belt to be attached. I have a C&P OS 8x12 with the extended crank shaft and extra flywheel, even though I use a treadle. The extended shaft adds approximately 12-18 inches to the width. I had to disassemble it to get it into my basement.