Adana QH press


Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I was looking for some advice

I was clearing out my Dads house and I came across an Adana Letterpress QH press plus loads of stuff that goes with it. Type face, spacers etc, all ordered and labeled.

It looks in great may have gathered I don’t know much about letterpress.

I will never use it so have thought about selling it but I’m not sure if it’s worth anything so I wanted to check here first before I decided. I would rather it went to someone who would use it rather than collect dust in my house.

What do these kind fetch? I haven’t really been able to find much info about them on the web, hence I am here.

Many Thanks

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As with most small presses today there is a demand, but it isn’t always easy to put a price tag on them. A lot depends on condition of the press and rollers, whether you would be willing to ship, or would the buyer need to pick up. Having extras with the press are a plus, but a careful inventory would be helpful. In England the prices aren’t very high, £200 to £400, but if the press was in the US it could easily double as the demand here is ridiculous.


Hi Paul

Thanks so much for your reply. That really helps.

There is lots of extras including 15+ sets of type, loads of spacers, ink, hand rollers and a whole host of other bits. All kept tidy and in meticulous order in labeled boxes.

All the best

Hey Urban,
The Adana HQ (hand quarto) is a rarer press than the ubiquitous 8 x 5. You would get a decent price via this site or indeed on eBay. Demand is strong in the UK and the HQ is a versatile little machine in the right hands. Paul’s valuation for the press is just about right if you sell as a package you should achieve the high end of his estimate.
Or you could keep it and have a bash yourself!

The Quarto is a desirable press in the UK and gets a lot of interest on e-Bay whatever the model. Three have sold since January, £145 was the lowest price and £390 was the highest. There is a later model alloy 2 roller Quarto on at the moment which will probably go towards £400.

I had no idea my alloy 2-roller HQ was so valuable. I paid $150USD for it and $100 more for rollers. It’s the only press of its capacity I could carry in checked luggage on the airlines without penalty and with weight allowance to spare for type and paper! Definitely a good portable press for good work — I printed a small book on it two years ago.


I’d love to get a hold of a HQ. Don’t see them very often.