Ink Cleaners

I was wondering what type of cleaners and solvents people use to clean up after printing. Thanks!

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Coleman fuel, if you have composition rollers use keroscene, you can use odorless mineral spirits.

@dickg. Finally, you’ve stopped smelling the fumes!

Vegetable oil and vinegar. No fumes…

“@dickg. Finally, you’ve stopped smelling the fumes!”

Haha…we won’t disclose exactly what kind of fumes…!
(some of us know).

The safe answers have already been stated.
Kerosene and Mineral Spirits.
Others may inspire ridicule.

I’ve got some strong stuff that I use on the ink disc and type only…NOT rollers. I won’t say what it is because it is illegal, perhaps, in at least one state that I know of….and I use it sparingly, because I want it to last.

But, anyways, and however:



“Others may inspire ridicule.”

Have you ever tried vegetable oil and vinegar?


No, I haven’t tried that for press wash…but 1 part vinegar and 1 part lemon juice has got to be the best and most cost effective rust remover on the planet, and I will not use anything else for that.

Makes a real good salad dressing with the vegetable oil too, some garlic and a bit of salt and pepper are nice.
All of the above work very well, please use good ventilation and don’t splash it in your eyes. Wash your hands after with regular soap and rinse well.
Keep the used rags outside in a covered coffee can at night, spontaneous combustion is actually a real danger with solvent soaked materials.

Varn Blanket Wash. What can I say? I work for an offset shop by day.

Paul, i keep a small can of gas nearby for when i start having withdrawal.

A can of beer works better for that.

I know that folks have objections, but… I use 2-3 sheets of newspaper on my C&P (press it on the ink disk and run the rollers over once then change sheets) to remove most of the ink, then Crisco on the ink disk (thinly applied), rollers a few times, all wiped off with a rag and then finish up with very little mineral spirits. Works really well and consumes little cleaning material.