Need help receiving a Vandercook in NYC

I’ve purchased a Vandercook 3 and will be receiving it in about 2 weeks. I need help with the actual receiving of the press (getting it from the delivery truck through to putting it into my space). I live in a loft residential building so I need to be careful about moving the press through the lobby. It will fit through doorways and in the elevator but I need to be sure that the wheels of whatever type of dolly and/or palette jack has soft wheels so as not to damage any tile. Please contact me if you can help. Thanks.

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Heh. Might be helpful if you posted where you live! How can anybody who might be local find you? Congrats on the No. 3— I have one and I am pleased with it. Somebody told me the inking is a little better than the powered inking of the No. 4, since you have tighter control of it. I just like that I don’t actually have to find an outlet :)

Hi Marjorie. Sorry I should’ve listed the city in the body. I listed ‘NYC’ in te title though. Brooklyn to be exact.

If you don’t find any volunteers you may want to check with Perry at

He’s a local (jersey city I think) Vandercook mechanic.

Pedowitz will be pricey (though admittedly, I’m not sure anything will be cheap), but they’re also excellent at situations like the one you describe.
I’d give Perry a call or email first though. He’s good at what he does and moves like this one are straightforward; he’s also a really capable press mechanic and if there’s anything that needs tinkering with your press he should be able to advise/help.

I did try to contact Perry. It seems as though he’s rather busy and doesn’t have time in the next couple of weeks. I may have to go the Pedowitz route.

absolutely ensure the whole base/underside of the press is fully supported by thick timber, don’t just run a pallet truck underneath it……..

Yeah like jonathanjeclipse said, you will need to make a frame under it with the casters, they make softer ones, that will hold everything

InkandHammer, could you elaborate? They make softer frames? Not sure what you mean.

got it handled. thanks for everyone’s help.