Press ID Please

We have run across a press that we can not identify. We do not physically have the press in our possession, pictures will have to do. I am seeking additional information from the seller, it is a little slow in coming. The Ink disk is 10.5” in diameter. The letters NGI are cast on one frame side.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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image: press.jpg


image: press 2.jpg

press 2.jpg

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You have a puzzler here.
The wizards have not come out of the weeds.
Let’s bring it back to the top and remind the experts that it needs to be identified.
I am guessing European.

I wonder if “NGI” might be the initials of a Japanese company. A few years ago there were some reproduction tabletop presses coming out of Japan. This one looks a lot like the “American” (I think it was called) made in Germany by F.M. Weiler around the turn of the 19th-20th Century.


I thought it resembled the Weiler also. Bottom of page one in Briar -Lever Press- Museum. Different base, 4 legs instead of one round one.

This looks about right.

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I have a press just like it…it’s definitely a Japanese press. Mine has the nameplate of a Japanese machine maker…
Here’s the translation of the plate:
Makise Insatsu Kizairyo Seizo Kabushikigaisha
(Producers of High Quality Printers and Binding Machines)
Head Office:
Tokyo-To Chiyoda-ku, Jinbocho 1-37
Phone (293) 8321-3

NGI stands for Nagai, the foundry. I tried getting more info from Japanese sources a few years ago, even writing to a museum there. Nearest I can tell, it was made in post-war Japan. I saw a video once that showed a recent letterpress workshop in Japan, and they had an array of eight or so of these same presses, a student at each one.
We use it frequently in my shop, although it has its foibles.

Thank you one and all for the help in identifying this press.

This must be the shop that Erst was talking about!


NGI is the most popular Japanese lever press.
In Japan,We usually call “TEFUTO” or “TEKIN”.
The manufacturer was NAGAI MACHINE MFG. Co.,Ltd.
The official product name was “NA-2”.
They made first NA-2 in 1948.
About 15,000 presses were manufactured.