Kluge 14x2 Platen levelling

I am new to diecutting and bought a used 14x22 Kluge. I had a die from someone else and locked it up in the chase. It seems as though the platen needs to be adjusted as the die does not come close to cutting. The guy I bought it off of says he used to run really thick covers so I am thinking he backed it off.

The die I have is .918. Any recommendations on a good way to set up press and level platen. the manual mentions a platen gauge but kluge says they dont sell them.

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Did you press come with bear blocks? They are 1/4 inch pieces of brass that screw into the corners of the hot plate. If so, you can use those to level your press. The Golding Guru, John Falstrom sells a nifty roller gauge and lollipop if not, http://www.perennialdesigns.net/
To change the height of your bed you loosen both center nuts first….turn them counterclockwise, then loosen all four lock nuts (the bottom nuts)…turn them counterclockwise also. The top nut is the one that raises or lower the platen. Clockwise is up. Each nut face is approximately .01 (ten thousands). Start small (one face at a time) and turn them all the same amount, tighten the lock nuts, then the center bolts. Take an impression, then raise the platen as needed. Read this:

Do you have the diecutting plate in place on top of the platen? That will increase the height considerably. If you don’t have the plate, contact the people you purchased the press from and ask if they still have it sitting around.

Otherwise, if the plate is in place, you may have ot pack behind the plate (between it and the platen) or check to see that the die is the proper height for the height of your platen.