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Flip the stock over and see if it...15 May
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enriquevw where did you get the...25 Mar
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I would use adhesive steel shim tape...20 Sep
Is your platen level? It looks like...9 Mar
what is a LOT of heat 500 F or more?28 Feb
What are you stamping...27 Feb
You could always just tape the tympan...19 Feb
jfitz check out this website for a...11 Feb
Is it round?27 Dec
You should use your 5x8 kelsey to teach...18 Nov
Do you have your diecutting...6 Nov
That sure is a nice press. What kind...22 Sep
...6 Sep
Did your kluge come with heat controls...3 Sep
Heidelberg's are excellent presses...29 Aug
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Andrew, Hopefully, you gave the...11 Aug
Stanislaus Pekala, Listen to Stan, he...24 Jul
mare, Congratulations on your kluge...20 Jul
Haha it looks like a Lou lockup...5 May
This young lady has posted a few videos...5 May
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You could try fishing line in between...17 Jan
Why not use a book press? 13 Jan
Maybe you are having a problem with...6 Jan
I watched the video of your press, it...11 Dec