Ink for printing on fabric

Hello all,
I’m planning to print on a mostly cotton item which will probably get washed repeatedly. History has taught me that ink never washes out of my clothes, so I’m not too worried about it, but I wondered if anyone has a recommendation for oil base vs. rubber base ink. Thanks!
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As You imply, Printing mostly on Cotton, possibly >think outside the box< maybe in terms of using either Silk Screen Ink, or *T* shirt printing ink. Apologies for irrelevant post, ! but who knows. Good Luck.

Most oil based inks work well but will wash out overtime

Speedball makes an ink for wood block printing on fabric that works well

Mick, I know silkscreen would make sense, but for various reasons I’ll be printing these on my C&P. Rmiller, thanks for the ink suggestion, I’ll check it out.

A little test of printing on fabric (with a 5x8 Kelsey) I did recently. Regular oil-based ink. Came out rather well, survived the washing machine.

image: 30001562857_461c433a8b_k.jpg


I am printing on cloth with oil and soy base ink. I like them both. Rubber takes a long time to dry. Perhaps wash your fabric first, then print.

Two comments.

A century or more ago the printing of cloth flour and grain sacks would pretty much chew-up lead type, so most of the companies that did this resorted to iron type! It was basically sand-cast from wood type fonts. I have a few full fonts in my own collection.

Another important consideration is that if there is a fold in your material when it reaches the form, it could easily smash to type!!!!!!! Even something as innocent feeling as cotton t-shirt material. One impression ruined several characters of wood type. A hard lesson quickly learned.