Dick Goodwin aka dickg

Many people know Dick Goodwin aka dickg

He is an amazing person along with his wife Judy. He has freely given so many of us his knowledge, helped us with our questions and now I am so sorry to inform you that he has had a stroke last week Oct. 17, 2019. It will take many months for him to regain what he has lost.

Please pray for him and his family.

If you would like to send a card
113 Barnes Run
Spencer, WV

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Thank you for posting! Dick and I communicate by phone often, but, I was unaware. I am so surprised and sorry to hear this. He was so loving his new life chapter in the country.

Thanks for letting us know. dickg has always been a highlight with his posts. Lots of knowledge and a great since of humor. I’ve learned a lot from him. Get well dickg!