Rubber hardness

A few months ago I bought a proof press. The impression cylinder was covered with hard rubber (about 90 shore durometer), which needs to be replaced. Most proof presses I’ve seen have a cylinder covered with soft rubber (as soft as the inking rollers of my tabletop, which are 35 durometer).

What hardness should I ask for? I think that 90 is too much, and I don’t know if 40 would be enough.

Achilles Tzallas

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I htink the higher durometer is correct for the impression cylinder. I’m sorry I don’t have one to measure, but 80-90 seems to me to be fine. Too soft and you will get too much give to get a good impression.

The inking rollers are much lower so that they will conform to potentially uneven surfaces (slight differences in worn & new type for instance.

By the way, I am looking forward to visiting you in Athens in November. We will take the time to meet and visit your shop if possible.

John Henry

Thank you for the information.

I’ll most probably ask for rubber of about 60 durometer - not too hard, nor too soft.