Score Rule and Cutting Rule height

I am looking to buy some supplies to get me started. I am quite new to diecutting.

I am looking to buy some score rule and cutting rule. I will be buying .918 cutting rule so I was wondering what height I should buy for creasing rule.

Are there any general rules of thumb to apply when deciding?

any good recommendations as to where to buy?

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Hi Barry, I use .900 for creasing with .918 cutting, for my platen press. On the cylinder press I use .890 on the score rule going around the cylinder and .900 for across the cylinder. I order my supplies from

if you go with a metal based matrix then you would need .890 scoring rule. i would highly recommend using a plastic/mylar based matrix and use .900 or .905 score rule. the idea is that where the score meets the cut, the distortion of the stock is much less as the score rule height is much closer to the cut rule height.

Please try not to encourage the mis nomer of creasing being scoreing , a job may be creased or scored they are different . you crease a job with creasing rule but when you score it you are actually cutting through hlf the thickness of the material , i would dearly love to process someone job as asked but the argument after is more than i can deal with .