You can only count on ourself

I purchased a press around Feb of this year. After the purchase I found I had no place to put it.

So, I sold it at a lost with agreement that the person would help with getting me started on another project to offset the lose I took on the sell of the press to them.

I will never do that again!

Sad that people are not who you think they are in life.

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yes it is sad…. but true. I think that’s the real reason so many folks a cynical these days: they’ve been burned one too many times.

BUT…. it’s time to shake it off, and get back to what’s important. Being angry will only bring you down, and do nothing to correct the raw deal.

Im sorry to hear that. I’m no expert on anything, but I do work on freelance work frequently. It doesn’t always solve the problem, but I’m a stickler for contracts! I don’t care if it’s my best friend in the world. I always have one. Sometimes that piece of paper is enough to hold them to their word. Sometimes not - and most of the time legal matters are time consuming/expensive but contracts are nice because they outline all the details.

I’m sure it doesn’t make you feel much better, but I always have sympathy for someone who gets swindled on a good word because I’m pretty trusting as well.

I wouldn’t be very bad, if it wasn’t $500.
And, all I asked was their design skill.

Their cost was a few hours of their time.