As a reminder to those whose may have an interest in linecasters in general and Linotype/Intertype machines specifically, the tenth Linotype University will be conducted in Denmark, Iowa September 30—October 7. AND IT’S FREE!!! To summarize, Dean Larry Raid and his gracious wife Mary own and make available to those interested The Working Linotype Museum. Larry must have 50 linecasters of different vintages and models. Those attending will have ample opportunity to work on either Model 31s or the oldest working Model 5 in the U.S. There is also at least one Ludlow that would be available. It’s just a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with Linotype, or in my case to become reacquainted. I had not set a line in 54 years when I traveled to Iowa three years ago, got hooked and since have acquired a Model 5 and pretty much a complete print shop. I need more experience on the maintenance aspect of linecasters, so I will be spending three weeks working with Larry starting next week. If you go, look forward to really interesting classroom training and lots of time on the keyboard. It’s just a hell of a lot of fun, too! Check out the details on the internet (search): Linotype University X. Your won’t be sorry! Bill Powers

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Anyone near southeastern Massachusetts making the trip to lino u???

I attended a Windmill University there several years back. I ended up buying the Heidelberg that I trained on and it is in operation in Birmingham, Al. today. The main instructor for that class, Buddy Lang, is not in good health and no longer teaches classes on the windmill. Larry and his wife Mary are gracious hosts and the information you gain here is invaluable . If you have an interest in learning typesetting on a linotype this Linotype University is a must. Thank you Larry, Mary, Buddy and Sue - - - Moonlight Letterpress, Henderson, Ky.

Hope to make the next one if I can get a good advance notice.

It tends to always be in late summer, early fall, usually after the full heat of the mid-western summer has passed. Best to start Googling for it in June.