transparent covers for cards

Does anyone know where I can buy glassine or vellum type sleeves for a card and envelope? I’m working on getting some things displayed in a shop and I can’t find clear sleeves. I don’t want shiny plastic. I’d prefer something more natural looking but see-through. Any ideas?

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If you just want to try out a small amount you could always check out Etsy:

Good Luck and I hope it goes well! Denise

Try these:

I have a box of the 4 3/8” x 5 3/4” (A2) size, so if you want fewer than uline’s box of 1,000 contact me back-channel and we can work something out.


Photographers Supply in San Francisco
they have a great selection of shapes and sizes

Most folks in the stationery biz order from For small orders, try their sister site, Both stock the clear see-thru packaging you see on just about every card out there. Glassine is more like waxed paper (it’s what stamps used to come in!)—it’s translucent, but not exactly transparent.

Natural-looking is not really an option, in my opinion. If you want your cards protected, then plastic is the only way. The biodegradable bags might be up your alley, though:

Good luck!

Thanks for all the help!

Amazon sells a pack of 100 glassine envelopes for $4.99.

well said on this topic.gr8…