Using letterpress to teach children formal curriculum topics

Dear forum members,

I have been recently asked to lecture to an audience of 200 teachers (high school mostly), about how crafts can help them teaching history, sciences, literature etc. I’ll be talking about hand papermaking and letterpress printing. I will speak mostly from our experience (we just finished a project that involved more than 1500 children from four cities and 9 different schools - we told them about the history of paper and print, and they printed a praise to reading, using an Adana HS2 press and lead type).

Teachers here usually like to hear experiences from other countries as well. So, if you:
- had experiences of using letterpress for teaching school topics, please be so kind and share with me some of them, either here or off-list (my email address is [email protected]),
- know where such experiences have been documented (blog, website, online publication), please be so kind and share with me the address.

Thank you very much,

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For Germany contact this company

Thank you, I will write them an email.

Update: Wrote them, but got no reply. Thank you anyway!