Need to move a windmill & a C&P OS 8X12

Please help I need to move my presses from Illinois to Georgia, does anyone know a good company to do this? I would prefer not to just have someone who does not know how to do this properly.

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Roger Tappy in Fortville, In. 317-485-5258

Unless you have already looked into or been advised, perhaps think in terms of clever/crafty smart etc, locate Hauliers,Truckers, Machinery Movers, who are amenable to RETURN LOADS, so that you dont pay for running home empty. Unfortunately here in U.K.every third truck on our Motorways are doing just that and, whingeing about the price of fuel. It looks as though you have a fairly long haul, across 2/3 states maybe, so a little time factor for the sake of better price, would seem acceptable. Unless of course you are in the same league, as most of the U.S.A.F. chaps that I met whilst in the R.A.F. on conscription, (draft) they all appeared to have uncles in Texas, who all had Oil Wells and all drove 25 foot long Cadillacs. (Joke obviously) they were to a man incredible guys, with ONE exception The U.S.A.F. Military Policeman who took offence at My remodelling of MY Peaked cap (raked American style).