Dimension or CAD drawing of 10x15 Windmill rider roller

My windmill comes without a rider roller, the supplier said this is because of in our area (Hong Kong or south china) no printer would need it. Well the seldom need to do fine prints on a letterpress with large solid colours. So I need to ask a roller factory make one for me. I have to supply them with dimensions (length and circumferences) or a CAD drawing at best.

Would anyone kind enough to help me out? As I am kinda frustrated with ink steaks and uneven inking in large areas.

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If you look in the manuals section here on briar Press, you can download a manuals and a parts book for the 10x15. It might hep you in ordering your roller.

Hi If you mean the roller that sits between the two forme inking rollers then you are referring to a metal (steel) roller. There are some companies in the UK that do still stock them also I have seen them on ebay. Be careful to get the right attaching nuts and bolts. Potentially if these fail it could smash your press. The supply companies will have the right ones longdaypress has made an excellent suggestion too. First thing I do usually is get the paperwork!!

Thanks for the suggestions~ I will look it up right away.